Target Your Audience

Now that you've invested a lot of time and effort into your business or organization you're ready for a website that reflects your passion. We will design a website tailored to your specific industry that will target your intended audience.


You have invested much time and effort into your business now the next phase is creating a website that reflects your passion.You have great products and offer top-notch service, its time to let people know.


Bronze Service Package

Our Bronze Package is an entry-level package. This package would be a good fit for a business that wants to let people know what services they offer or organizations that want to have a presence in the community and highlight their programs. 

The site would look something like this one, where you mostly get information.  A site designed like this is considered a static website, which needs only periodic updates. The initial creation of the site would begin at $1,800 and would have no more than eight pages. The maintenance package at the Bronze level has a $49.99 monthly fee and includes up to three updates per month. 

Silver Service Package

Like the medal, it is our service tier above bronze but not as demanding as gold. Our silver package is ideal for businesses that primarily sell items in a brick and mortar shop. This package would also be a good fit for those who have a limited number of items for sale online. Organizations that would like to make their presence known or attract benefactors would also enjoy the added service of our silver package. 

For the business that has media like videos and photo albums or even a periodic blog, this is the right level for your site. Sites created with our silver package begin at $2,500 and would have no more than twelve pages.  Our Silver maintenance package has a $69.99 monthly fee and includes up to five updates per month. 


Gold Service Package

Gold is our most comprehensive package and is appropriate for a business that sells almost exclusively online. An organization that has a lot of media like weekly videos or podcasts, or offers other interactive choices for their clients/affiliates would most likely need our Gold Package. 

This site would have multiple pages and additional outside applications. Businesses or organizations needing frequent updates would greatly benefit from our Gold maintenance package. The creation of sites utilizing our Gold package begins at $3,400 and includes up to ten updates per month.  With a low monthly maintenance fee of only $99.99, it is our best value! 


Ready to find out more?

Give us a call when you are ready to add a website to your marketing plan. We will schedule a free consultation during which we will answer any additional questions you may have and discuss your site project in greater detail.

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